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Is artificial intelligence about to transform the mammogram?

When Regina Barzilay returned to work after her breast cancer leave seven years ago, she was struck by an unexpected thought.

The MIT artificial-intelligence expert had just endured chemotherapy, two lumpectomies and radiation at Massachusetts General Hospital, and all the brutal side effects that come along with those treatments.

“I walked in the door to my office and thought, ‘We here at MIT are doing all this sophisticated algorithmic work that could have so many applications,’” Barzilay said. “‘And one subway stop away the people who could benefit from it are dying.’” Learn more

Using A.I. to Transform Breast Cancer Care

How could a researcher in computer science improve future cancer care, I wondered, when a trip to Boston afforded me the opportunity to converse with Regina Barzilay, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the recipient in 2017 of a prestigious MacArthur Fellowship, known as a “genius grant.” After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2014, Dr. Barzilay, who has a doctorate in computer science, began directing her work in artificial intelligence toward helping other patients.

She and her team have developed algorithms to predict whether a patient is likely to develop breast cancer in the next five years. Their model is designed to spot the tiny changes on mammograms that turn into tumors. And it detects them regardless of the patient’s race, a significant concern in light of the racial divide in breast cancer mortality. Learn more
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