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Particle Guidance: Non-I.I.D. diverse sampling with diffusion models

ICLR 2024 Read the Article
ABSTRACT In light of the widespread success of generative models, a significant amount of research has gone into speeding up their sampling time. However, generative models are often sampled multiple times to obtain a diverse set incurring a cost that is orthogonal to sampling time. We tackle the question of how to improve diversity and sample efficiency by moving beyond the common assumption of independent samples. We propose particle guidance, an extension of diffusion-based generative sampling where a joint-particle time-evolving potential enforces diversity. We analyze theoretically the joint distribution that particle guidance generates, how to learn a potential that achieves optimal diversity, and the connections with methods in other disciplines. Empirically, we test the framework both in the setting of conditional image generation, where we are able to increase diversity without affecting quality, and molecular conformer generation, where we reduce the state-of-the-art median error by 13% on average.

Contributors: Gabriele Corso, Yilun Xu, Valentin de Bortoli
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