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MicrobioRaman: an open-access web repository for microbiological Raman spectroscopy data

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ABSTRACT Here we present the establishment of an open-access web-based repository for microbiological Raman spectroscopy data. The data collection, called ‘MicrobioRaman’ (, was inspired by the great success and usefulness of research databases such as GenBank and UniProt. This centralized repository, residing within the BioStudies database — which is maintained by a public institution, the European Bioinformatics Institute — minimizes the risk of data loss or eventual abandonment, offering a long-term common reference for analysis with advantages in accessibility and transparency over commercial data analysis tools. We feel that MicrobioRaman will provide a foundation for this growing field by serving as an open-access repository for sharing microbiological Raman data and through the codification of a set of reporting standards. Contributors: Kang Soo Lee, Zachary Landry, Awais Athar, Uria Alcolombri, Pratchaya Pramoj Na Ayutthaya, David Berry, Philippe de Bettignies, Ji-Xin Cheng, Gabor Csucs, Li Cui, Volker Deckert, Thomas Dieing, Jennifer Dionne, Ondrej Doskocil, Glen D’Souza, Cristina García-Timermans, Notburga Gierlinger, Keisuke Goda, Roland Hatzenpichler, Richard Henshaw, Wei Huang, Ievgeniia Iermak, Natalia Ivleva, Janina Kneipp, Patrick Kubryk, Kirsten Küsel, Tae Kwon Lee, Sung Sik Lee, Bo Ma, Clara Martínez-Pérez, Pavel Matousek, Rainer U. Meckenstock, Wei Min, Peter Mojzeš, Oliver Müller, Naresh Kumar, Per Halkjær Nielsen, Ioan Notingher, Márton Palatinszky, Fátima C. Pereira, Giuseppe Pezzotti, Zdenek Pilat, Filip Plesinger, Jürgen Popp, Alexander Probst, Alessandra Riva, Amr. Saleh, Ota Samek, Haley Sapers, Olga Schubert, Astrid Stubbusch, Gordon Taylor, Michael Wagner, Jing Wang, Huabing Yin, Yang Yue, Renato Zenobi, Jacopo Zini, Ugis Sarkans & Roman Stocker.
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