We are pleased to invite proposals from faculty and senior researchers (PRS or SRS) from any of MIT’s five schools for novel projects relevant to J-Clinic.

J-Clinic is a newly formed initiative at MIT in the space of machine learning (ML) and health. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to utilize the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for the prevention, early detection, and treatment of diseases.

J-Clinic will support two broad classes of research projects in this space:

  • Class 1: Projects will focus on solving fundamental problems in disease biology and clinical care using machine learning algorithms. They will either innovate on the underlying ML algorithms or demonstrate how ML algorithms can provide new means for solving challenging questions in disease biology or clinical care.
  • Class 2: Projects will cover translational research focused on clinical implementation of ML technology in hospital settings.

We expect that most of the proposals funded by J-Clinic will have an interdisciplinary team, including computer scientists, engineers, life scientists, and/or clinicians.

Deadline for submission of the Request for Proposal (RFP) is February 13, 2019 at midnight with decisions announced on March 14, 2019 and a project start date of April 1, 2019.

For more information, download SPRING 2019 J-Clinic RFP.

If you would like to be notified about future events or RFPs related to J-Clinic, please complete the signup form at https://jclinic.mit.edu/about/contact-us/.

There is also additional funding available through J-Clinic Desphande Grants. For information, visit here: https://deshpande.mit.edu/grants-resources/mit-j-clinic-deshpande-grants.